Three successive years as a Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES ) beneficiary under KCC Gensan has made Hector Ending a proud man who was able to support his education. His sister is an OFW who supports his studies. However, because both his parents only own a small sari-sari store, he decided to try finding work in order to defray the cost of his board and lodging.

During his second year in college, he started applying for a slot as a SPES beneficiary. He was assigned as a counter checker in the department store on the summer of 2016 for fifty-two days. This was followed by another fifty-two days in 2017. And finally, in 2018, after three continuous years as a SPES baby, he successfully graduated with a degree in Financial Management and tried his career at a financial institution.

Hector was then looking for the value of family in a company that which he first found at KCC. Hence, he returned to KCC after finding out a vacancy as an accounting analyst, a job he enjoys as of this time for almost a year now.

Hector recalls that during his SPES experience, he also struggled because he has to address complaints from customers, and to please everyone who wants attention while shopping at the department store. His recollection of his SPES experience was the fun that he has together with his colleagues, and the joy that they take delight in during payday. With this, Hector recommends that the youth be able to try working even before they graduate in college. For the poor but deserving students, he would like to remind them that there are no hardships that cannot be paid off by hard work and patience.

“True enough, opportunity knocks to those who seek it, and government agencies like DOLE is ready to assist our young people in achieving their career goals through our SPES,” said RD Sisinio B. Cano.

SPES is an employment bridging program that aims to augment the family’s income of poor but deserving students, Out-of-School Youth (OSY) or dependents of displaced workers who intend to finish their education.  End/S. Dumalay