The Department of Labor and Employment-National Wages and Productivity Commission (DOLE-NWPC) has released the Revised Operational Guidelines on the Adoption of Part fixed, Part performance-Based Compensation Scheme in the Public Transport Industry on February 15, 2019, City of Manila.

The revised Guidelines amended NWPC Guidelines No. 1, Series of 2012 to facilitate ease of administration and implementation and was issued in compliance with Department order No. 118, Series of 2012, “Rules and Regulations Governing the Employment and Working Conditions of Drivers and Conductors in Public Utility Bus Companies.”

Under the said Guidelines, public utility bus (PUB) owners or operators shall adopt a mutually-agreed upon part fixed, part performance-based compensation scheme for bus drivers and conductors. PUB owners and operators should also consider their revenue, ridership, safety, specific conditions of routes, and other relevant parameters in the computation of wages and performance incentives of the drivers and conductors.

Specific amendments in the revised Guidelines include the (1) operators or owners submission of compensation scheme as requirement to the issuance to a PUB of a Certificate of No Pending case, (2) deletion of the provision that the fixed wage component may be computed based on a per trip or per kilometer basis to ensure road safety, and (3) simplification of the computation of performance-based pay on business performance, safety performance, and other parameters.

“This measure will be favorable to our bus drivers and conductors because it will eliminate the quota system in getting their daily wages. This will also ensure safety of our riding public as our PUB drivers will no longer rush and hurry in driving,” said DOLE 12 Regional Director Sisinio B. Cano.

Further, DOLE labor inspectors will regularly conduct inspection on the compliance of PUB owners and/or operators with the provisions of this Guidelines, the Occupational Safety and Health Standards, other related laws, rules, and regulations.

NWPC Guidelines No. 1, Series of 2019 was published in 22 February 2019 in the Manila Times and is effective starting March 9, 2019.