Tacurong City- In pursuing green initiatives in the workplace and healthy living, the Department of Labor and Employment-Sultan Kudarat Field Office (SKFO) has initiated its very own Vegetable and Herb Garden.

“We believe that this initiative will make a difference in our workplace since it also gives a sense of calm when we need a break from stressful work-related activities. Drinking a tea brewed from freshly gathered herbs is an easy way to get nature’s healing force into our body, something we all need, whether we are healthy or fighting illness,” said DOLE-SKFO Head Mary Jane Hoksuan.

Hoksuan also invited everyone to enjoy freshly picked vegetables and herbs from the FO’s garden.

The Vegetable and Herb Garden offers different leafy vegetables (malunggay, spinach, saluyot, pechay, spring onions, alugbate, kangkong, camote tops, eggplant, okra) and herbs (blue ternate, tarragon, garlic chives, basil, stevia, peppermint, balbas pusa, citronella) which also aims to advocate going back to basics, to have a disease-free life and to prevent a number of problems related to ageing.

According to Food and Nutrition experts, herbs are loaded with impressive health benefits, some of these benefits include boosting psychological health, reducing the risk of cancer, regulating bowel movement, fighting inflammation, rich in antioxidants essential in treating various health problems, supports cardiovascular health, fights against bacteria  and fungi, helps with treating cough and cold, alleviating pains, supporting a flawless skin, supporting healthy bones, promoting long hairs and helps fight infections.

“It’s good to hear that our personnel in the field office are taking initiatives in venturing for a healthful options right in their own backyard. I hope this could be emulated by other field offices in the region and also in other government agencies,” Regional Director Sisinio Cano said.

The initiative is also in support to the Green Our DOLE Program (GODP) or DOLE Administrative Order No. 509, s. 2011 implementing guidelines on waste management and eco-initiatives intend to achieve green work outcomes such as cleaner, safer and carbon-free work environment, healthy and productive workforce, efficient resource utilization and effective waste reduction and management. The concept, principles and application of green productivity can be translated to improve productivity of the workforce and quality of work life, resulting to better delivery of services to its stakeholders and customers. End/KZturnos