There have been thousands of famous failures, rags to riches stories and its part of the very thing that makes us who we are today. Human as we are we are not just made to survive but also to thrive.

Engr. Bobby Rey C. Barredo, second among four children, was born by a farmer parents whose only source of income was farming in a poor barangay of Banayal, Tulunan, Cotabato Province. He drew some inspiration from one of the events that he attended, where the speaker stated, “I am very young to talk about success but rather I would be willing enough to talk with you my failures”.

He narrated that numerous failures tried to knock him down, discouraged him and to the point that he almost gave up.

Engr. Barredo believes that suffering through disheartening pains of failure are just a stepping stone for a higher ground, most of the time he was not thinking about thriving, but solely focused on surviving.  It is always in his mind that when he fails, sometimes he would question, the reason for his being, however, in the end he realizes that failure, as much as it hurts, is also a necessary part of life and a pathway to his goals.

In those years, of almost and always sacrificing, the only thing that made him move forward is his goal to become excellent in all he does and that he had to go beyond his limits for him to help his parents, making them smile and proud on what he will achieve someday.

It was at that point when he almost gave up because of financial incapability to pursue his studies but not until he heard about the Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

He immediately tried to take his chance and got a slot as SPES beneficiary of the University of Southern Mindanao, Kidapawan City Campus (USM-KCC).  He realized that being a SPES beneficiary is not just about working and getting a salary.  He saw it as an opportunity to develop his traits, becoming a good leader and learning to hone his skills on customer service and nurture self-confidence.

His SPES experience develop him into a more confident person which later on steered him to accept the responsibility of becoming the president of the Student Government of his school, the USM-KCC.  He graduated in 2018 with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

He believed that the DOLE contributed a positive impact in his student life; however, his journey with the institution   did not end after he graduated.  Few months after his graduation, he took his chance to get a work experience under the Government Internship Program GIP.  He worked as an intern for almost 4 months, until he resigned on October of 2018 to take his proper review for the mechanical engineering board examination at Cebu City.  He expressed deep appreciation for what the DOLE has done for his being, developing his character into public service creating a happy heart seeing clients smiling after they leave the office for services.

Finally, he became a licensed Mechanical Engineer on February 2019 where he owes a lot of his accomplishments and success from his experience with the DOLE despite financial incapability.

“DOLE never gets tired of helping people like me and I owe everything to them for who I am today. After, I got my licensed, tried my luck again searching jobs through DOLE initiated Job Fairs. But destiny leads me to DOLE-North Cotabato Field Office (NCFO).”

Today, Engr.  Barredo serves as contract of service employee, facilitating all online system programs.

“I found my workplace equates home and colleagues as my family,” added Barredo.

Engr. Barredo is just one of the successful beneficiaries of the department who believes that gaining success comes with right the right amount of hard work, patience, and access to government programs. End/MPLatoja/CDGamboa